Thanks to the agreements we’ve reached, we can get your goods anywhere in the world within 24 to 72 hours at the best price.

Our advantages

We specialise in:

  • Perishables and temperature-controlled goods: We help you with everything involved in shipping this sort of cargo (pharmaceuticals, flowers, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables).

  • Dangerous goods: Our team of IATA-qualified advisors in dangerous goods will give you personalised help in managing shipping, packing, labelling and dangerous goods declarations (DGD).

  • Service to America: We have special agreements for countries in this region, as it is one of our spheres of influence.

  • Charter: We organise charters to cover shipping in peak season and for special projects, analysing routes and costs with the most reliable services.

  • Combined transport: We provide multi-mode service combining sea and air transport to help cut costs.

  • Hand-carry courier: We hand deliver small packages that require exclusive, customised, guaranteed handling urgently. Our staff will personally deliver the goods to their destination.

  • Cross trade: For trade involving more than two companies, we ship directly from origin to destination, maintaining the opacity of the operation, to keep costs down.

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