Air freight is one of the most common modes of transport in the current market for carrying out import and export operations, as it is the fastest compared to other types of goods transportation like land or sea.

At Ibercóndor, we have extensive experience in air freight delivery services. Thanks to our agreements and being an IATA agent, we offer a transportation service for all kinds of goods, from 24 to 72 hours, with the best conditions and prices.

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Complete air transport service

When looking to hire a goods transportation service by air, it’s important to choose a company specialized in the field. Our company guides clients to initiate the freight transport operation in the most beneficial way.

We help you with everything involved in shipping this sort of cargo (pharmaceuticals, flowers, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables).
Our team of IATA-qualified advisors in dangerous goods will give you personalized help in managing shipping, packing, labeling and dangerous goods declarations (DGD).
We have special agreements for countries in this region, as it is one of our spheres of influence.
We organize charters to cover shipping in peak season and for special projects, analyzing routes and costs with the most reliable services.
We provide multi-mode service combining sea and air transport to help cut costs.
We hand deliver small packages that require exclusive, customized, guaranteed handling urgently. Our staff will personally deliver the goods to their destination.
For trade involving more than two companies, we ship directly from origin to destination, maintaining the opacity of the operation to keep costs down.

Air transport with added value

  • Personalized service

    We have preferential international transportation rates and adapt to your needs. We analyze the best air transport routes and connections based on the goods, cost and space availability.

  • Wide coverage

    Need to hire an air freight service for your goods? We transport your goods anywhere in the world, collaborating with correspondents to reach over 200 cities in 80 countries across 5 continents.

  • IATA Agent

    We are IATA Agents with commercial agreements with major airlines. We guarantee priority in loading and offer preferential rates and security in the chain, complying with the international regulation of this type of transport.

  • Safety and guarantee

    We track your goods at all times, complying with the international IATA regulations. Additionally, we insure your air cargo against all risks, always adapting to your unique and specific needs.


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    We are an IATA agent

    Looking for an air freight transportation company? At Ibercóndor, we are IATA agents, which allows us to offer advanced service to help you carry out your transport operations, from and to anywhere in the world. We provide fully personalized advice based on your needs!

    We organize charter flights to cover shipments in high season and special projects. Moreover, at Ibercóndor, we analyze the best routes for your shipments as well as the best costs, to offer the safest air services. We also have several options for transporting goods from the peninsula to the Canary Islands. In fact, we offer several daily flights to both Las Palmas and Tenerife, with a duration of one to two days.

    At Ibercóndor, we have a wide variety of goods transportation services that we adapt to your needs and the cargo you want to send or receive under the best conditions and fully personalized for you.

    Our air certifications

    CEIV Pharma

    The transportation and logistics company Ibercóndor has been certified with the CEIV Pharma seal by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2018. This document ensures and regulates that the handling of pharmaceutical products throughout the logistics chain is excellent. Ibercóndor is one of the three certified companies at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, along with 2 other Handling agents.


    IATA Agent

    Ibercóndor is an IATA Agent, so it has the capacity to embark and close agreements with any airline, always complying with the international IATA regulation, being able to have preferential rates as well as priority in the loading of goods. This is because Ibercóndor is currently a leader in Catalonia in air cargo production, maintaining commercial commitments with some of the most important Airlines in the current market.

    Accredited Agent

    Our company, expert in international transportation, is an Accredited Agent, recognition granted by the Ministry of Public Works / AESA (State Agency for Air Safety – Civil Aviation Safety and User Protection Directorate), which allows us to ensure safety in the transport chain and to carry out secure shipments from Known Shippers.

    Air transport by sectors


    Pharmacy and chemicals


    Electronics and valuable goods



    FAQS about air freight delivery services

    Air transport involves the movement through the air that allows for the transportation of people, goods, and mail on airplanes. Specifically, air freight transport is one of the most common modalities in today’s market for carrying out import and export operations, in addition to being the fastest compared to other types of transport, such as maritime or land.
    It’s possible to transport a multitude of products by air, such as urgent, fragile, high-value and luxury goods, bulky items, perishables and more. At Ibercóndor, we are experts in transporting products of all types and from all sectors. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists to request your customized quote!
    Cargo planes are usually equipped with larger doors than passenger transport planes, as they need to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. In general, cargo planes also differ from commercial ones by:


    • The central body of the plane (fuselage) is wider, allowing for the transport of larger goods.
    • Having more wheels, which increases stability upon landing on various types of runways.
    • The position of the wing is higher, allowing for much more cargo to be loaded from the rear and in less time.
    • Featuring more doors than conventional planes, thus multiplying access and exit options, which adds speed and convenience.
    There are several advantages and disadvantages to consider if you decide to hire air freight delivery services.




    • Speed.
    • Ease of access.
    • Access to remote locations.
    • No physical barriers.




    • It is likely the most expensive means of transporting goods.
    • Largely dependent on weather conditions.
    • Certain countries have specific legal restrictions or other types of regulations in place.
    • Technical limitations.