transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor more than customers, fellow travelers

Based on the win-win philosophy, we intend to be the international trade extension of our clients, close, friendly and trustworthy.


we change while maintaining our values

The proactive improvement is the competitiveness of the company and the sector. We defend and participate in a large number of projects proposed for the improvement of the sector and the companies that are directly involved, from Associations, Clubs and Business Lobbies of which we are a part.


we are a responsible and happy team

Ibercóndor values its people, looks after their interests and promotes their professional and human growth. Look for the well-being and happiness of the worker/collaborator.

transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor we say what we do and we do what we say

We are aware of the importance of our suppliers for the proper development of our business. We comply in treatment, transparency and payments. We want and demand that they comply.

transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor honesty is the fuel for a long haul journey

We believe in honesty and good work above any competitiveness and desire for short-term success.

transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor who knows us, loves us

Our professionalism in the treatment of shipments and the humane treatment with our clients and collaborators is our best loyalty.

transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor committed to the future of our society

Committed to society. Ibercóndor collaborates with various Associations / NGOs proactively. Luis Miguel Sala, president of Ibercóndor, is the founder of Umah (Unión Musical de Ayuda a la Humanidad), and of Integrity in Motion.

transporte-internacional-de-mercancias-ibercondor we are not a big company, we are a big company

Zero errors = Zero claims. Our Quality Manual confirms this. We seek to feel personal satisfaction in a job well done, or what is the same as "business excellence".

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“Ibercóndor is aware that its success is tied to its great human capital.”

We are a team of more than 100 highly qualified professionals, always training to improve and give our clients the best service possible.

For us, knowledge is the company’s most important asset and this is why we work so hard to promote and retain it, as it is one of our greatest competitive advantages.


Our mission is to give our clients the best possible logistics solutions across all areas of their business and to make sure they have the advice they need regarding foreign trade, providing quality comprehensive service to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.


Our work is based on professionalism, hard work, ethics, sustainability, respect, integrity and humanity. We work effectively, legally and humanely to promote our clients’ international development.



Ibercóndor created, Named IATA Cargo Agent


Sea, land and customs divisions added


ISO 9001 certification


Recognised as one of the best Spanish companies (Dun & Bradstreet)


New offices opened in Valencia


Award to best national logistics project (Barcelona Centre Logístic) New offices opened in Zaragoza


New offices opened in Madrid. Warehouse opened at Barcelona Airport


Certification as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)


Ibercóndor lands in Italia


Ibercóndor lands in China. Regular import/export service between Morocco and Spain


Generational change in the management of the company


Creation of the alliance ‘To be Forwarding, S.L.’

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